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Armanino Foods signature product is the Basil Pesto

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ARMANINO Basil Pesto is produced with fresh basil, oil, cheese and garlic; it derives its name from “mortar and pestle,” the tools used for centuries to crush the fresh ingredients. Pesto is a classic culinary tradition that is especially appropriate to contemporary lifestyles. In the frozen form offered by Armanino Foods the authentic flavor is always instantly available without effort or waste, ready to use in a variety of ways.

Building on the popularity of Basil Pesto, the company now markets a variety of pesto flavors, nationally and internationally. It also offers upscale sauces, filled pasta and precooked meatballs. The company’s primary markets are foodservice and processed food manufacturers, however its most familiar products are available directly to consumersthrough major chain supermarkets in the western region.

Armanino Foods of Distinction, Inc., is a publicly held company, traded on the Pink Sheets under the symbol AMNF. While proud of its growth, the company retains the founder’s hands-on management and personal touch. Armanino Foods’ corporate headquarters in Hayward, California, share a 24,000 sq. ft. plant with pesto and pasta production facilities, research and development, quality control, packaging, and fulfillment. Growing markets have led Armanino to move its sales and marketing offices into a new building opposite the headquarters.